Sir Gawain Illustration

A slightly damaged illustration page from British Library MS Cotton Nero A.x., the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Pearl manuscript. At the top behind the high table, Gawain (in a red tunic) claims the axe from a chubby King Arthur (in blue) while a worried Guinevere (in green) and a startled knight look on. Arthur and the knight have drawn their swords.  In the main panel in front of the table, the Green Knight (in green on his little green horse) holds up his bleeding beatific-looking severed head and Gawain (again in red but now we see his blue tights) stands at ease holding the axe. High-resolution images of the entire manuscript were published to the Web in August 2012 by the Cotton Nero A.x. Project, led by Murray McGillivray (in collaboration with the British Library).