The Zeugmatic Project

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 09.14.47Here are a few Summer 2014 updates on Michael Ullyot’s Zeugmatic project, which is automating the detection of rhetorical figures:

  • The Principal Investigator Michael Ullyot is returning to the University of Victoria’s Digital Humanities Summer Institute in June for a week-long seminar, “Fundamentals of Programming/Coding for Human(s|ists),” so he can work more closely with the project’s collaborators in computer science.
  • A couple of new posts on the project blog were posted this past term, including this post on how rhetorical figures are different from ‘ordinary’ language, and this one by Theresa Kenney on how a machine to detect figures will let us ask new questions of our texts.
  • In staff news, we’re hiring a Project Manager this summer, and two R.A. students have arrived: Rachel Shabalin in January, and Theresa Kenney in May.