Editing, Performance, Texts

51q+k0C1nkLDr. Jacqueline Jenkins has collaborated with Dr. Julie Sanders (University of Nottingham) as an editor of Editing, Performance, Texts. 

The critical work of editing performance texts poses particular challenges for scholars of the early periods of English literature, not least of which is the ephemerality of performance and the fragility of the archival evidence.

The chapters work to challenge many current givens in medieval and early modern drama research, especially around periodization and editorial practice, and around what constitutes the archive. Divided into three key parts headed ‘Enabling Manuscripts to Speak’, ‘Performance Traces in the Archive’ and ‘Editing Through Performance’, the chapters collected here showcase cutting-edge research practices and approaches in textual editing, and in manuscript and performance studies.

Contributors include three University of Calgary MEMS scholars Jacqueline Jenkins, Kirsten Inglis, and Murray McGillivray.