Postcard from Erin Kramer

dancersInitially, my interest in the Medieval and Early Modern minor was solely for the purpose of adding to my curriculum vitae in the event I applied to graduate studies. I was also exceedingly interested in the Medieval and Early modern minor because of its multi-disciplinary approach. With numerous History, Philosophy, and language courses, to name a few options, the minor provided a range of topics that helped to fulfill breadth requirements for my degree, but more importantly it filled the gaps in my understanding of the Medieval, and Early Modern periods.

Further, the flexibility to explore special topics classes, like Marriage in Feudal Society, and Medieval Drama, provided the opportunity to engage with subject matter I was interested in. Since graduating the minor has been a valuable asset in applications for both graduate studies and education. I have developed a passion for the study of the Medieval and Early Modern periods as a result of the opportunity to take the Medieval and Early Modern minor.