Update: Leading the Calgary Institute of the Humanities (CIH)

The Calgary Institute of the Humanities has appointed two MEMS scholars as director and acting director.

Dr. Jim Ellis has been appointed to the position of Director, CIH for a five-year term beginning on July 1, 2015. Jim has had two CIH fellowships, has long been a member of the Executive Council of the Institute, and has just completed a year as acting director. Currently, he is away on a 12-month research study leave.

For this interim period, Dr. Susan Bennett has agreed to be the acting director. Her appointment, back-dated to July 1, 2014, will run until June 30, 2015. Susan knows the CIH well, having served three separate stints on the executive council, and she has a breadth of administrative experience, as Associate Dean (Research) in the former Faculty of Humanities.

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