The Medieval and Renaissance Cultural Studies Research Group (MARCS) is a coalition of faculty and graduate students that fosters research connections across the disciplines, at the University of Calgary and beyond, in the study of the social and cultural history and literature of Medieval and Early Modern Europe. While English Department faculty have taken the leadership in this endeavour, we have members across the Faculty of Arts.

Our activities are made possible through the support of various departments and faculties on campus, as well as through URGC support for Visiting Speakers and Scholarly Activity.


  • Since 2002, MARCS has sponsored an annual¬†Speakers’ Series (details below), featuring presentations from across campus and from both national and international visiting speakers.
  • 2004-2009: The Osborne Project began as a MARCS initiative which, in 2004, brought together faculty from English and History, as well as librarians and graduate students to study the UofC dramatic manuscript and involved sponsoring students to take part in a humanities computing course on ‘Digitization in the Humanities’. MARCS also sponsored a Symposium, ‘Understanding the Osborne Collection Play,’ and a performance of the play in spring 2005. In 2006, a team of investigators were awarded a large collaborative SSHRC Standard Research grant to further this research.
  • In 2003 we sponsored a Graduate Student Conference, ‘Bridging and Breaking Boundaries,’ which drew 25 early period students to campus from western Canada and the U.S. as well as the U.K. Keynote addresses were given by Dr. Jonathan Hart (English, University of Alberta) and Dr. Murray McGillivray (English, University of Calgary).

Speakers’ Series


  • Clifford Werier (English, Mount Royal University)
  • Jeramy Dodds (Calgary Distinguished Writers Program)
  • Kirsten Inglis (English, University of Calgary)
  • Daniel Paul O’Donnell (English, University of Lethbridge)
  • Ken MacMillan (History, University of Calgary)


  • Murray McGillivray (English, University of Calgary)
  • Michael Ullyot (English, University of Calgary)
  • John Stocking (Fine Arts, University of Calgary)
  • Kenna Olsen (English, Mount Royal University)


  • Noreen Humble (Greek and Roman Studies, University of Calgary)
  • Amy Scott (English, McGill University)
  • Jennifer Garrison (English, Saint Mary’s University College)
  • Elizabeth M. Rohlman (Religious Studies, University of Calgary)


  • Kevin J. Harty (English, La Salle University, Philadelphia)
  • Murray McGillivray (English, University of Calgary)
  • Rachel Schmidt (French, Italian, & Spanish, University of Calgary)
  • Jenna Stook (English, University of Calgary)
  • John Edwards (Lutenist, The Musicians in Ordinary, Toronto)


  • Jane Roberts (English, King’s College London)
  • Ken MacMillan (History, University of Calgary)
  • Jacqueline Jenkins (English, University of Calgary)
  • Nicholas Watson (English, Harvard University)
  • Amy Appleford (English, Harvard University)
  • Julie Sanders (English, University of Nottingham)

2006- 2007

  • Louis Knafla (History, University of Calgary)
  • Terry Barry (History, University of Dublin)
  • Hermina Joldersma (GSEA, University of Calgary)
  • Aaron Hughes (Religious Studies, University of Calgary)
  • Paul Yachnin (English, McGill Univrersity)
  • Mary Polito (English, University of Calgary)

2005- 2006

  • Denis Renevey (English, University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Stephen Orgel (Humanities, Stanford University)
  • Victor Coelho (Music, University of Calgary)
  • Maria Zytaruk (English, University of Calgary)
  • Mary Polito (English, University of Calgary)
  • Francine Michaud (History, University of Calgary)

April 2005, Symposium on ‘Drama and Performance in the Early Modern Period: Understanding the Osborne Collection Play’

  • M. J. Kidnie (English, University of Western Ontario)
  • Louis Knafla (History, University of Calgary)
  • Apollonia Steele (Special Collections, University of Calgary)
  • Murray McGillivray, Professor of English, University of Calgary
  • Amy Britton (Graduate Student, English, University of Calgary)
  • Sebastien Windle (Graduate Student, English, University of Calgary)

2004- 2005

  • Linda Woodbridge (English, Penn State University)
  • Susan Bennett (English, University of Calgary)
  • Garrett Epp (English and Film Studies, University of Alberta)
  • James Ellis (English, University of Calgary)
  • Joan Cadden (History, University of California, Davis)

2003- 2004

  • Jane Tibbets Schulenburg (History, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • David Winter (History, University of Calgary)
  • Margaret J. Osler (History, University of Calgary)
  • Rosalind Kerr (Drama, University of Alberta)

2002- 2003

  • Robert Sweetman (University of Toronto)
  • Christine Sutherland (University of Calgary)