Graduate Teaching + Supervision

We offer graduate courses in both medieval and Early Modern every academic year.  (Here is more information about the English Department’s graduate program.)

Topics are both traditional and new, as the following list demonstrates:

Graduate Courses (1997- )

  • The Middle English Mystical Tradition
  • Theories of Vernacularity: Julian of Norwich’s  Revelation of Love 
  •  Women and Popular Literature in Late Medieval England
  • Medieval Manuscripts and Manuscript Culture (a Credit Travel Study course in various archives and libraries)
  • Milton
  • The Faerie Queene
  • Nation, Narration, and Subjectivity in Three Elizabethan Texts
  • The Field of Shakespeare Studies
  • History and the Early Modern History Play
  • Reading the Elizabethan Epyllia: The Politics of Eroticism
  • Governing the Government in Caroline Drama
  • Profession in Early Modern City Comedy
  • Shakespeare, Foucault, Genealogy, Management
  • Women and\in Performance in the Early Modern Period

For a more comprehensive list of courses offered by different faculty members, consult our individual entries on the People page.

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Graduate Theses (1997- )

  • An Edition of the Middle English Poem Cleanness and an Analysis of its Writing System (Ph.D.)
  • The Rhetoric of Objects in Early Modern Culture (Ph.D.)
  • Lady Mary Wroth and Figurations of Race (M.A.)
  • Incest and Class in Jacobean Revenge Tragedy (M.A.)
  • “Nobler Bread, Needful Blood”: Eucharistic Tropes in the Sacred Poetry of Richard Crashaw (M.A.)
  • Pedagogical Mythology: Attanasio’s Arthur as Contemporary Hero (M.A.)
  • Prostitution, Humanism and the Renaissance Stage (M.A.)
  • Dating Osborne MsC132.27 (M.A.)
  • ‘my spowse most specyally’: Late Medieval Mystical Unions and the Morality Play Wisdom (M.A.)
  • A shorte treatyse of contemplacy on: The Book of Margery Kempe in Early Print Culture (M.A.)
  • Representation of Continental Mysticism in BL MS Additional 37790: Mystical Union’s Relationship with Courtly Love (M.A.)
  • Power, Politics and the Written Word: Caesarius of Heisterbach’s vita of Engelbert I of Cologne (d. 1225) (M.A.)
  • Images of Parental Nurturing in Middle English Conduct Books and Contemplative Writing (M.A.)
  • The Mythical Duality of Shakespeare’s Tragic Women: Myths and Manipulations (Ph.D.)
  • Robert Greene’s Menaphon: Revealing the Rhetoric of Romantic Pastoral Prose Fiction (Ph.D.)
  • Shakespeare’s Richard Plays: The Rhetoric of Power and the Power of Rhetoric (Ph.D.)

For a more comprehensive list of supervisions by different faculty members, consult our individual entries on the People page.