Jacqueline Jenkins

Associate Professor

English Department Profile  |  jenkinsj@ucalgary.ca

My current research is a SSHRC-funded project investigating the relationship between performance histories of saints’ plays in late medieval England and extant Middle English verse saints’ legends. This work develops out of my research on the life of St Katherine of Alexandria in late medieval England and Longleat MS 55, a miscellany linked to the high-status guild of Freemen in late medieval Bath. (For more information about this work see my departmental profile.) My approach is a combination of performance and cultural studies, manuscript and textual studies, social and gender histories. My research into early period performance has also resulted in an edition of The Humorous Magistrate: University of Calgary, Osborne MsC 132.27 (co-edited with Mary Polito; Malone Society 2012) and “Editing, Performance, Texts: New Practices in Medieval and Early Modern English Drama” (a collection of essays co-edited with Julie Sanders; under contract at Palgrave), as well as individual studies of manuscripts, drama, or performances of early period texts. I continue to work in the areas of Middle English devotional literature, the history of medieval women and women’s literacy, and the patronage, production, and transmission of manuscripts in the late Middle Ages; for a current description of my publications, please see my departmental profile.

I teach graduate courses on medieval drama and performance, on medieval women and the production of medieval texts, on medieval vernacularity, and on medieval devotional and/or mystical writing. My courses seek to engage archival research and textual studies. I have supervised masters theses and doctoral dissertations on topics including medieval drama, performance and space studies, mystical and contemplative writing, vernacular theology, and gender history as well as religious and intellectual histories of medieval England. I also regularly supervise honours theses on a broad range of topics relating to medieval literature and medieval studies. Please contact me directly for more information about supervision, and/or see the list of completed theses below.

Past and Current Supervisions

  • Enacting the Corpus Christi in Late Medieval English Drama. (PhD)
  • The City Speaks: Site-Specificity and Performance in the York Corpus Christi Play. (MA)
  • Theatre of the Mind: Devotional Performance in British Library MS Stowe 39. (MA)
  •  Vernacular Liminality in the Ancrene Wisse Group. (MA)
  • Images of Parental Nurturing in Middle English Conduct Books and Contemplative Writing. (MA)
  • Representation of Continental Mysticism in BL MS Additional 37790: Mystical Union’s Relationship with Courtly Love. (MA)
  • A shorte treatyse of contemplacyon’: The Book of Margery Kempe in Early Print Culture. (MA).
  • ‘My spowse most specyally’: Late Medieval Mystical Unions and the Morality Play Wisdom. (MA)
  •  Pedagogical Mythology: Attanasio’s Arthur as Contemporary Hero. (MA)

Graduate Courses Taught

  • Drama in the English Middle Ages
  • Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich in their Medieval Context (2010)
  • The Middle English Mystical Tradition
  • Medieval Vernacularity and Vernacular Writing
  • Women and Popular Literature in Late Medieval England